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Himalaya Heavy Lifters (I) Pvt. Ltd.


As one of the leading transport contractor of the transport world, we carry Export/Import goods and all other type of O.D. (over dimension) consignments. We are approved by various trade associations of India. We are proud to say that due to our efficiency and high performance we have earned patronage of many Indian top ranking commercial organizations.

We are equipped with well-qualified and experienced staff & our clients are able to take the benefit from them on round the clock basis. We are giving the top ranked services to our customers. We give personalized attention to all the consignments irrespective of its size or nature to ensure safe handling and transfer of the same. We give the delivery to our customer at a speed of 40kms per hour in India.
Whenever you call, wherever you need your shipments to be picked up or delivered, Himalaya Heavy Lifters (I) Pvt. Ltd. has the capabilities in place to provide service on demand – at exceptional value.

We will get your shipment there, faster, with more cost-efficiency and safety than is available through any other carrier.  We offer an extensive range of state-of-the-art flatbeds Trailors. These Vehicles carry such cargo as:

• Steel
• Machinery
• Metal Products
• Construction equipment: Loaders, excavators, backhoes
• Containers
• Tanks
• Timber Logs
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We specialize in transportation of Export/Import cargo from Mumbai Port, JNPT Port to destination in Maharashtra. Himalaya Heavy Lifters(I) Pvt. Ltd. gives an added advantage of ware housing facilities adjacent to the ports:
• Bombay Port Trust
• JNPT (Bombay)
• Kalamboli
• Mangaon
Himalaya Heavy Lifters(I) Pvt. Ltd. offers an extraordinary range of trailer, unparalleled in the industry, and designed to meet your specialized needs. The diversity of our trailer type enables best roadways one of the largest specialized transporters in the industry to handle virtually any commodity (with the exception of hazardous materials and explosives). Our trailers transport products with a virtually infinite range of dimension, and our maintenance centers enhance these capabilities by constantly modifying trailers to meet our evolving needs.
When you need to find out where your shipment is, or when it will arrive, we can get the information for you with one of the most advanced tracking system in use today. Right from dispatch of cargo from the originating station, we advice the same through FAX requesting for Octroi Exemption form, which enables the client to keep the track of the cargo and also plan its receipt on arrival and ensure proper shipment.
We give reasonable waiting period of getting “N” form before effecting delivery. For all cargo not meant for directly delivery, we intimate clients by FAX on arrival of cargo and location of warehouse wherein the cargo is off loaded. The most important advantage is the availability of our own warehouse at all ports, which eliminates avoidable trucking.



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